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The business end

The vision, and the
number crunching.

The fluffy bit

Our philosophy is about creating
lean and powerful designs that are heavy
on meaning and light on ornamentation.

  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design

The back end

Our heavyweight team of
UK web developers are
the powerhouse that makes
it all happen.


Brand identity
Large format




A/B testing
Stats analysis
UX analysis


respond and

Digital Strategy

There are many ways to reach out to your audience digitally. We work with businesses across all industry sectors to build digital strategies and that really work. Our experts know how to develop meaningful connections online, build relationships, maintain dialogue with existing customers and engage with new ones. We use digital marketing experience, in-house web design teams and web developers that speak plain English to get the job done. The digital world changes rapidly, so we make sure we don't get too comfortable. We keep our eyes open for emerging tools and trends and we embrace the best website design technologies available to create value for our clients.

Website design

Your content is the most important part of your website. We'll work with you to develop content that really works and is properly planned and prototyped. Our Surrey web designers are well versed at developing an organised and thought-through aesthetic to give your online audience the best possible experience of your brand, product or service.

Mobile sites

Digital audiences increasingly expect 'everything, everywhere, all the time'. The result is a welcome move to responsive websites, augmented reality (AR) experiences, and enterprise Apps for every business need. Our web designers and coders understand the nuances of context driven web and are experts at designing for the mobile web.


If you're looking to unlock the power of your business or idea with an enterprise App development, we have just the right mix of strategic, creative and technical know-how to deliver a product that gets results. We’ll work with you to define the exact parameters of your App design before we prototype, build, test, market and provide you with ongoing support.


We know how to design eCommerce websites to build trust and encourage your visitors to take the first step towards buying from you. We won't try to fudge your requirements so that we can use an off-the-shelf template: we build custom eCommerce websites tailored to your target market, that are flexible enough to grow and develop as your business does.

The design process


Social media

Client collaboration









Build and

and deploy

Test and

Action and

Testing and analysis

Launching your website or App isn't where our care and attention comes to an end. Its analysis, evaluation and improvement are essential parts of the process. With tools such as A/B testing we can evaluate with accuracy what gets the results you are looking for and what doesn't. Often subtle changes are all that are needed to improve site traffic, increase conversions or adapt to changes in the marketplace. Contact us to find out how our web design teams will use testing and analysis tools to drive improvement on your site.

Thanks to all those working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the VCR website a success! The timeframe from the concept to going live was very short and we had to work long hours and very hard to get it up and running. Your level of professionalism during this busy period remained constant as you were always willing to help and still think outside of the box rather than just getting the job done quickly. Your positive responses to my requests and general cheerful nature was very refreshing indeed."

Rebecca Lowman | Project Manager
Goose Communications | Godalming, Surrey

Connect with us

We publish a quick monthly roundup of what we've been up to and what we're getting a kick out of in digital and video. Fill in your details below and we'll include you. [privacy policy]


Join us online at the usual neighbourhood haunts.

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Telephone: 01252 734616

Email: studio@wearedrum.com

Email: studio@wearedrum.com Drum Studios Ltd, The Oast House, 5 Mead Lane, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DY, UK
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Job applicants

We are looking for a PHP developer to join our team. You should have a minimum of 3 years PHP commercial experience, know about Linux system administration, cloud & physical hosting setup and have excellent communications skills.

If this is you, get in touch

Privacy Policy

When someone visits our site we collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. We collect this information in a way which does not identify anyone. We do not make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website. We will not associate any data gathered from this site with any personally identifying information from any source.

If we do want to collect personally identifiable information through our website, we will be up front about this. We will make it clear when we collect personal information and will explain what we intend to do with it.


Use of cookies by Drum

The table below explains the cookies we use and why.


More Info

Google Analytics _utma
These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited. Google Analytics privacy policy

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These cookies are used by Google to track how many people are using their Maps. These cookies are present on all websites that use Google maps. These remain on your machine from 6 months to 2 years. Google privacy policy

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ShareThis _unam This third party cookie is used by the ShareThis service and allow you to use the Share buttons on each page across various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. The “_unam” cookie monitors web pages viewed, navigation and time spent on each page. The ShareThis service only personally identifies you if you have separately signed up with ShareThis and given them your consent. Further information about this cookie can be found here:

Environmental Policy

We recognise that our day to day operations inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways and we work to reduce any potentially harmful effects of such activities whenever we can.

We have widely adopted a 'paperless' approach to business communications. Our web based IT systems substitute for paper messages and very often travel. We teleconference and video conference at every opportunity and we view conservation of resources and the environment as a basic business necessity.

Specifically, Drum will:

  • Operate a car sharing policy for all staff.
  • Encourage a cycle to work policy for all staff.
  • Ensure that our policies are implemented by all staff and help them understand the relevant aspects of the policy through guidelines, regular communications and action plans.
  • Promote the recycling of office materials and items purchased and use recycled materials wherever possible.
  • Minimise waste in operations and product development, and conserve resources through efficient use and planning.
  • Regard environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice as the minimum standards of environmental practice.
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