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Miniature shoot

Motion Graphics capture
Capturing video for use in animation, mattes and backgrounds.
Shoot set

Studio productions
Studio sets, soundstage, green screen shoots.
Exterior shoot

Location shoots
The great outdoors, actions shoots, polecam shoots.

Live action video production

Video production is by far the best way to grab your audience's attention and deliver a focused message in a short space of time. With production values to match your brand a video can help promote your business, generate sales, educate, inform and connect with your target audience in a way that no other medium can.

We'll organise the whole project from script writing, storyboards, casting and logistics to studio hire, location work and broadcast standard filming.

We often combine our video production work with coding and development to create e-learning systems, interactive video, augmented reality or content managed subtitling. We're also expert at capturing video for use in motion graphics projects - so there is no limit to what we can produce to propel your brand, idea or message forward.

  • Corporate and brand films
  • Product demonstration video
  • Point of sale video production
  • Case study video
  • Docudrama video
  • Broadcast video
  • Educational video production
  • Online video production
  • Mobile video production
  • Commercial video production
  • Mode of Action video
  • Promotional video production
  • Viral video production
  • Interactive video production
  • Training and sales video


Final Cut Pro suite

We maintain state of the art HD edit suites at our production studio in Farnham Surrey; for online editing, visual effects design and planning, motion graphics, compositing, colour grading and delivery from broadcast to web.

  • HD camera and Polecam
  • Lighting and sound
  • HD edit suites
  • Colour grading
  • Motion, animation and CGI
  • Music composition
  • Web streaming
  • DVD/Blu-ray authoring

Realising your vision

We're always impressed with the insight and creativity our clients bring to the table on video projects. Usually there are a wealth of ideas to interpret and it's our job to get those nuggets of wisdom onto the screen.

While directing a shoot and managing camera and sound crews, actors, presenters, props and staging we'll make sure that if required, your voice is heard and your input incorporated. In the edit suites too, we'll make sure the process is as enjoyable and collaborative as possible. If you'd like to see some examples of video production check out our Motionworks gallery or contact us to tell us about your project.

Drum have displayed creativity, passion, and an unfaultering work ethic throughout numerous projects for us. They continue to hit very tight deadlines for us time and time again gaining my full recommendation to anyone in need of media content."

Ben Smith | Trade Marketing Specialist
Garmin UK | Southampton, Hampshire

Connect with us

We publish a quick monthly roundup of what we've been up to and what we're getting a kick out of in digital and video. Fill in your details below and we'll include you. [privacy policy]


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We have widely adopted a 'paperless' approach to business communications. Our web based IT systems substitute for paper messages and very often travel. We teleconference and video conference at every opportunity and we view conservation of resources and the environment as a basic business necessity.

Specifically, Drum will:

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